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Full text of "Convention between the United Kingdom and China Respecting an Extension of Hong Kong Territory"

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China will give the land, but the expenses of building and working 
shall be borne by Prance. Chinese shall have the right to travel and 
trade on the railway, in accordance with the general tariff in force. 

The mandarins must see to the protection of the railway and the stock, 
but the repairs and maintenance of said road and its stock shall be at 
the expense of Prance. 

Article VIII. 

Prance may also, at the end of the line about On-pu, build landing 
stages, wharves, storehouses and hospitals, put up lights, buoys and sig- 
nals. The nearest deep water anchorage to this terminus (territorial 
waters) shall be exclusively reserved for French and Chinese ships of 
war, those of the latter nationality only when neutral. 

The present convention shall come into force at once. It shall be 
ratified at once by the Emperor of China, and when it shall have been 
ratified by the President of the French Republic, the exchange of rati- 
fications shall take place at within the briefest delay. 

Done at Peking in eight copies, of which four are in the French lan- 
guage and four in Chinese, the , 1898. 


Signed at Peking, June 9, 1898; Ratifications exchanged at London, 

August 6, 1898. 

Whereas it has for many years past been recognized that an extension 
of Hong Kong territory is necessary for the proper defence and protec- 
tion of the colony, 

It has now been agreed between the Governments of Great Britain and 
China that the limits of British territory shall be enlarged under lease 
to the extent indicated generally on the annexed map. 2 The exact 
boundaries shall be hereafter fixed when proper surveys have been made 
by officials appointed by the two governments. The term of this lease 
shall be ninety-nine years. 

iRoekhill, p. 58. 
2 Omitted. 


It is at the same time agreed that within the city of Kowloon the 
Chinese officials now stationed there shall continue to exercise jurisdic- 
tion except so far as may be inconsistent with the military requirements 
for the defence of Hong Kong. Within the remainder of the newly- 
leased territory Great Britain shall have sole jurisdiction. Chinese 
officials and people shall be allowed as heretofore to use the road from 
Kowloon to Hsinan. 

It is further agreed that the existing landing-place near Kowloon city 
shall be reserved for the convenience of Chinese men-of-war, merchant 
and passenger vessels, which may come and go and lie there at their 
pleasure ; and for the convenience of movement of the officials and people 
within the city. 

When hereafter China constructs a railway to the boundary of the 
Kowloon territory under British control, arrangements shall be discussed. 

It is further understood that there will be no expropriation or expul- 
sion of the inhabitants of the district included within the extension, and 
that if land is required for public offices, fortifications, or the like official 
purposes, it shall be bought at a fair price. 

If cases of extradition of criminals occur, they shall be dealt with in 
accordance with the existing treaties between Great Britain and China 
and the Hong Kong Eegulations. 

The area leased to Great Britain as shown on the annexed map, 
includes the waters of Mirs Bay and Deep Bay, but it is agreed that 
Chinese vessels of war, whether neutral or otherwise, shall retain the 
right to use those waters. 

This convention shall come into force on the first day of July, eigh- 
teen hundred and ninety-eight, being the thirteenth day of the fifth moon 
of the twenty-fourth year of Kuang Hsu. It shall be ratified by the 
sovereigns of the two countries, and the ratifications shall be exchanged 
in London as soon as possible. 

In witness whereof the undersigned, duly authorized thereto by their 
respective governments, have signed the present agreement. 

Done at Peking in quadruplicate (four copies in English and four in 
Chinese) the ninth day of June, in the year of our Lord eighteen hun- 
dred and ninety-eight, being the twenty-first day of the fourth moon of 
the twenty-fourth year of Kuang Hsu. 

(l. s.) Claude M. MaoDonald. 

(l. s.) (Seal of the Chinese Plenipotentiary.)